Making Soup for Rachel
Winston Plowes

The Dive Poet
Fred Whitehead

Hidden by the Smell of Flowers
James H. Duncan

Trans Bodies are Anomalies
Lawrence Mullen

Everything is Perfect from Far Away
Esther Vincent

The Silence
Peycho Kanev

His Final Shot
Greg Casale

Deep in Summer
Mia Aguilera

In the Brown Camaro
Kate Garrett

The Humble Duster
Tohm Bakelas

The Sun Has Been Socializing
Nicholas Boyer

Gallop Through the Night
Tianna Grosch

When We Were Young
Barbara Costas-Biggs

Margot DeSalvo

Pigeon Speak
Corey Zielinski

The Golden Gate Bridge minus fog
Emma Lee

Saints Layered like Leaves
Lee Potts

Liquid Courage
Howie Good

Kitten Smitten
Kristin Garth




Thorn and Kiss
Jen Rouse




An Interview with Jesse Prado
Jeremy Boyd