Izzy Leslie

The 14 of Spades
Heath Brougher

Michael Prihoda

Lei or Choke Chain
Amanda Oaks

Southern Gothic Ghosts
Kristin Garth

For Some Reason I’m Sick On Monday
Gustavo Rivera

American Massacre
Brandon Marlon

Hungry Ghost
Lana Bella

Reflective Thought Wave
John Franklin Dandridge

Now Is That, Love?
George Guida

DS Maolalai

Not All Stories Are Worth The Stars
Mikayla Davis

Mother Daughter Smoke Rings
Sara Parrott

Two Poems
Rachel Robles

The Round Table at Buddha Lounge
Kathleen Gregg

beer shits.
Arthur J. Willhelm

In the Silence, She Knows She's Home
Johanna C. Dominguez




Evening at My Childhood Artist Residency
Gabe Kahan

Horse Girls
Meagan Masterman




Review of Nooks Krannie’s Candied Pussy
Lydia Hounat