Tianna Grosch

Gallop Through the Night

Night mares move swift, 
bearing you on sweat-slick
backs, rippling muscles
between thick thighs
carry you through
dark-lit avenues
of memory
skin like coal, 
red burning embers
reach to grasp you
in their heat and
prickle like thorns, 
drops of blood
upon porcelain.


Tianna Grosch has been writing her entire life and now resides on her family farm in PA where she spends most of her time weaving tales and poems. Her tapestry often includes dark strands but she likes when the light shines through as well. She is the recent founder and managing editor of Rhythm & Bones Lit (RhythmNBone.com). Check out her widely published work at CreativeTianna.com or follow her tweets @Tiannag92.