Nicholas Boyer

The Sun Has Been Socializing

The trees have been picnicking
And the leaves danced as they fell
while other leaves clung 2 fighting fits of laughter
And the birds were splish-splashing
And the fish were kissing but not telling
And the water told knock-knock jokes
that made the wind snort while
bohemian bark laid out to get a tan
And the ants declared war
against other ants from invading tree lines
And red-faced roses journaled vigorously
shouting in bold font Freedom of Press
And the dandelions said  I  can’t   b r e e e a t h

The grass branded the Sun as a socialist
and the Moon muttered Commie grass.
Which sprouted a green refutation that
We ought to regulate those blades.

And the butterflies collected social security
from the caterpillars who filed their taxes
And the cocoons went on strike
when the mosquitoes became radicalized
after centuries of being swatted
And the clouds did not cry

Nicholas Boyer spent 6 years in the USAF with one tour overseas. After finishing his military service, Nicholas moved to Alaska and lived in a dry cabin for a year, searching for himself and creating art. Currently Nicholas studies philosophy and his poetry’s content varies in subject matter from war & politics, appreciation & questions of existence, to love poems written to lamps.