Tohm Bakelas

The Humble Duster

down in Laredo
he stands between San Bernardo Ave
and interstate35
sometimes he stands elsewhere
sometimes he stands nowhere
he stands like an old wooden Indian chief smoking a cigar
draped in his black duster
it is unknown if any clothes exist beneath the encompassing duster. 
when we saw him it was 103 degrees
dry blazing heat
no humidity
no breeze either

some say he is a homeless tweaker who stands seeking his meth
some say he is an arsonist who burned his family to ash
and fled to Laredo to have a new life
others say he's not even there at all
but i have seen him
standing in Laredo
i think he's a messenger from god
the Humble Duster is holier than you
and i
and he will remain in Laredo
at the intersection of San Bernardo Ave and interstate35
standing as the sun sets on the city under seven flags

Tohm Bakelas works as a social worker in a psychiatric hospital. He is the singer of Permanent Tension and runs Forced Abandonment Records when he feels like it. He was born in New Jersey, currently resides there, and will die there.