The Padded Petting Zoo
Carly Weiser

An Eight Minute Summer
Steve Denehan

Bird Bereavement
Alisa Velaj

Love Can Only Do So Much
Jacob Butlett

New Year’s Poem
Sheila Wellehan

Charles Springer

Big Bad Wolf
Margaret King

bees are cubed spiders
Cole Adams

Ashley Naftule

why did you leave?
Yoshika Wason

Arlington by Lightning
Maximilian Heinegg

Guinevere, The Morning After
Hannah Wagner

Puppet Master in Polka Dots
Jeff Bagato

faith in magic
Cassidy Black

Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky
Sam Cochrane

our family closet
Joan McNerney

While dog-sitting for my sister my tooth broke
Nicholas Boyer

Two Ghosts
Jessica Drake-Thomas

An Ode to All I Could Be
Juliet Lauren

Alexandra Corinth

Nothing Wrong 
Kristin Garth