Winston Plowes

Making Soup for Rachel

I have traded my silver
for fresh vegetables
under the red and white striped awnings
at the Thursday outdoor market
and I have made soup to feed your soul:
I have twisted the first spring notes of petrichor
between the leaves of curly kale
and stuffed tomatoes with the yellow flashes
of wagtails that flitted on the river.
Tender chunks of aubergine
cooled by wafting mermaids tails
are waiting for your spoon.
The sweetest of emotions
will gush down flumes of celery
calmed by the dark green dimples
on slices of savoy.
Translucent slivers of white onion
have been hand tied into lovers knots
and musical beans will squeak symphonies
that play upon your teeth.
And for your holidays
I have included a return ticket to Shangri-La
written in pink Moroccan salt
on the skin of a sweet red pepper.


Winston Plowes lives aboard his floating home in Calderdale which doubles as a home for lost and wayward words. He is a teacher of creative writing at primary schools and universities. His collection of surrealist found poetry Telephones, Love Hearts & Jellyfish was published in 2016 by Electric Press.