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Send us your love poems and your heartbreaks. We want love returned, love unrequited, love forgotten. Queer love is a special kind of love and this is a space to celebrate and house those feelings. If you identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and have a love poem laying around, please send it to us! This was originally supposed to be a print anthology (and maybe we’ll do that eventually), but this is a project that should be allowed to grow and should be accessible to all. We want all of the love poems in one place without having to worry about a page-count.


We accept both published and unpublished poems. If your love poem has been published elsewhere please let us know. If you’re sending it out for the first time, we’ll love it even more. Submit 1-3 poems in a single .docx file along with a short author bio. If your poem requires special formatting, feel free to include a .pdf file as well. All submissions should be sent to In the subject header, simply include your first and last name.

Submissions are only open to writers who identify as LGBTQ+.