Gustavo Rivera

For some reason I’m sick on Monday

For some reason I’m sick on Monday
runny nose and long-term headache
yet Sunday wasn’t as fun as I’d thought it’d be
for some reason I’m drinking alone
though the movie I watched afterwards was pretty good
and so was that burger and fries I ate.
I did so many things between arriving and watching the movie about Rodriguez
I walked through a park in-between a children’s school and a street lined with houses
I hid in the darkness and smoked for a while and there were two girls
and I wondered if they were wondering about me, about scaring each other
I drank espresso coffee and ate ice cream.
I saw a show afterwards, but I didn’t see you
and the bike ride home, it’s finally getting cold again.
Those hills can seem so long sometimes
today’s the day after, where are you?

Gustavo Rivera is a radical educator, feral dog, Boricua Bestial, and former Master Courier. He teaches and lives in New York City.