Kristin Garth

Southern Gothic Ghosts

You know your life is southern gothic when,
rereading Faulkner, the corncob rapist
goes home to Pensacola, your hometown. 
And you’re thinking how did I forget this? 
Then you consider how you got this book:
A proffer, feminist lit, only boy,
ensnares with tentacle hair, half-baked looks
through you.  Your peeks, two weeks, decoy
trilogy, Snopes, provoke his gift.  “Believe
you’re more a Sanctuary girl.”  Must read
to understand.  Destroy but not deceive,
his plan.  He lets you know that you will bleed. 
Is it him, yourself you despise the most?
Two descendants, southern gothic ghosts?


Kristin Garth is a poet from Pensacola and a sonnet stalker.  Her sonnets have stalked the pages of Anti-Heroic Chic, Occulum, Neologism Poetry Journal, Ghost City Review, Drunk MonkeysMidnight Lane Boutique, and many other publications.  Pink Plastic House, her poetry dollhouse chapbook, is available from Maverick Duck Press ( Follow her on Twitter @lolaandjolie.