Kimya Lamb

Not The School I Signed Up For (Where Is Our Hot Spring?)

The thing about snow monkeys
Is that they have a class system
Evolving to become leaders,
Caregivers and children
Providers and outliers
But when they travel north
To reach the hot springs deep in the mountains
It all is left on land

In the water there are no more leaders
Just mammals
Allowing the water to sooth their cold and aching bones

The thing about humans
Is that they a class system
A classless society fixated with class
Evolving to become leaders
Caregivers and children
Providers and outliers
But when they travel to learn
To reach the nourishment from deep in the classroom
It all is brought on shoulders ????

In the classroom there are aggressors
Fierce mammals
Allowing distractions to take them away
And walls to be built
Blocking their vision of what truly could be 

The End Of A Love Affair With My Toes


I want you so much, but I hate your guts. - "Landfill" by Daughter


We need to get a divorce
I can’t stand looking at you
but each time I try to look away
the hook you so carefully pierced my gaze with redirects my eyes

at first I thought it was gravity
that for some reason you had a pull on my irises
the wrenching sensation
gravity, like no planet our species has ever encountered

I wish that was the case

The problem isn’t that I think you’re too pretty
because you’re not

I do not have any feelings towards you anymore

I never did

you are simply the place my eyes felt most comfortable each time
I don’t know what to do with myself
I’m just an terribly awkward being 

Struggles From The End of a Number Two Pencil

If I was trapped on a piece of paper
And you were on another
I would tear mine in half and jump between them
Each time shaving more and more graphite off the image of myself

But I’d tear the piece in half again
And keep jumping
Until I was close enough to yours
I would be battered and faded

I could make the jump
Erasing every aspect of me
Letting it fall between the papers
Until just my heart lands at your feet

Would you still love me? 


Kimya Lamb does not take selfies or like appearing in photographs, nor does Kimya have any form of social media. Kimya is intrigued and confused about many things and enjoys conversations about hard-to-grasp topics. His chapbook of poems, an uncapitalized me, will be published by Ghost City Press in February, 2016.