Silvia La Rote

Out of the City

The blinding sun-cloud of Philly
is a psychedelic shrub, in its own 
religious right.  As if I’ve given up
and traded my burning flag.
I have found honest hours 
and long moments of friendship 
but every minute passing 
is a minute lost. An instant 
to be scorned. 
How could I ever 
ever be happy, accepting
of history.  But here, 
I can celebrate 
even the short black days 
when the simple act of shaving 
my thighs leads to nothing more 
than thoughts of shaving my thighs.

Silvia La Rote is a poet and mixed media artist in Los Angeles, CA. Her work has appeared in The Feminist WireLa Galeria,Moonchild MagazineNYMBMClash MediaFive2One Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine among others. Her first book of poetry was published by ANC press. You can find her second book of poetry on her website and her art postings on