Michael Buckius

True Apartment Living

Why are we all standing around a cake like this?
I know there is true apartment living
waiting for us somewhere
There is a dog in the courtyard, shitting
Its owner stares off into the distance
ignoring the pet he curated for his mantle
He collects his tears in an old Gatorade bottle
He yearns for true apartment living
It's all chocolate as far as I can tell
If we can't celebrate true apartment living
then what can we celebrate?
Let's get together around this cake
but let's position our bodies differently this time
and let's invite that guy over
we'll figure this out together

Michael Buckius is a poet and a filmmaker who is from Lancaster, PA but currently lives Flagstaff, AZ. He earned his undergraduate degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple University and is currently an MFA Creative Writing candidate at Northern Arizona University. He has been featured in the literary zine Shrew and has recently completed self-publishing his second chapbook, Poetry Landfill Vol. 2.