M. de la Rosa

Eel 1

once you had a dream:
oceans, and sunken cities
written on your feet. 

you’ve marked horizons
written your own directions,
systems of belief 

everyone’s sleeping
the nightlight is comforting
only something's changed. 

make my make-believe
close my eyes so I can see
what I really want



you know what you are

crushing force of memory

tell me why you're here.

Eel 2

she's breaking from home
it's not that she walked away,
her world got smaller 


across the ceiling
pomegranate afternoons
drift and fly away  


the air was singing
now is greater and she knows
with a sweet resign


it's like if summers
remind us of how, when, why
to live life on high 


she's off on her own
she just wants to be somewhere.
she just wants to be.

Eel 3

I spent half my life
headfirst fighting everything
no one wants to cry 


I spent half my life
trying to look like you don't try
like i'm not afraid 


rain came down on me
when I swim I fly so high
If I sink I sink. 


This is all I need
I just needed to believe
I'll finally win.

M. de la Rosa is an editor, translator, curator, radio producer, poet and film programmer from Mexico. They run the Poetry Spotlight series on UK-based zine GOD IS IN THE TV, and their work as a music and film critic has appeared on Passion of the Weiss, Noisey, Film Inquiry, The Young Folks, and The Singles Jukebox. You can find them on Twitter @issue_666.