Chloe Williamson

The Body Monstrous

I sing the body monstrous
The body rusted, creaking
The body sick from salt water
I sing the body that does not float
Limbs heavy with the reality of being
The radiating heat of sunburned shoulders
The sudden crack of lip, split
Every stain left accidentally in a favorite pair of underwear
I sing the body bloody, and bloated
The body covered thickly with hair
I sing the body unrepentant
The body sweaty, flushed
The body guiltless and slick in its wanting
I sing the body of bruised knees
Delicately scabbed-over mosquito bites
Embossed impressions left by ill-fitting jeans
I sing the body frightened
The body hidden, the body hiding
The body that shudders at both touch and sunlight
I sing the unnavigable mystery and shame of the body
The song of that which will not be consumed

Chloe Williamson's poetry and prose has previous appeared in The Wellesley Review, El Portal, Brushfire Literature and Arts Journal, The Rising Phoenix Review, and West Texas Literary Review. She tweets @c_m_williamson.