Matt Duggan


A busy waterfront – saffron coat of drunken leviathans, a crowd of silvery whores camp playboys waltzing with the lights from a lost traffic cone; They drink the warm whispers from cold women sipping from the immortal glass and its deathly charms that scribe in ink shades with shaking hands; Scoffing on winter- berry and prosecco hand cooked crisps where brave words ravish a lecher of mockery; Tongues leak the leftovers of politics pristine table tops with fragranced yellow candles laminated menu with marmalade steak;  A collection of the graceful and grotesque littered streets of fish and chip bellies beggars stroll in ripped suits and dress. Behind the ruins in amber and elephant grey we hooked up dead celebrities in the abattoir stood in a matchbox of a black and white sunrise killing all the hippies turning their bones into gasoline; Wrapped in burger relish with too much cocaine a girl in high boots of leather steps over the wobbling wrecks of detritus; like fleshy relics in gutters mascara trails like dried lines of cold tar those portly creatures disperse for a brawl broken hair slides – ripped blouses at dawn. Those men that eat quinoa oatmeal a strawberry infused cappuccino with a short scattering of hazelnut were the men we knew as children who once fought imaginary witches on the high-street now they’ve succumbed to be the people who live inside hibernating in closed rooms as serial petition signers.

Matt Duggan’s poems have appeared in Midnight Lane Boutique, The Journal, Ghost City Review, The Blue Nib, Into the Void, Osiris Poetry Journal, and my new chapbook A Season In Another World is available from Thirty West PH.