Marcus Myers

Instagram Selfie: Dayne Behind the Wheel

Wool cap all side-cocked, old-school,
you know, a cazj Jay-Z, one head-
phone on left ear. These eyes
writing internal rhymes
for pissed off and tired,
or I just want to kick it. This face
shoulders a boom-box,
a heart with secret beats for he
whoever deigns to step up, for she
whoever holds my glance a while
as my Range roves by her flow
as fleek-gold as the Nile.

Marcus Myers lives in Kansas City, MO, where he advises gifted and talented high school students, teaches composition to high school seniors and college freshmen, and works as a founding co-editor of Bear Review. His work has appeared in The Cortland Review, Hunger Mountain, Mid-American Review, The National Poetry Review, Pleiades, The Rumpus, Salt Hill, Tar River Poetry and elsewhere.