Courtney LeBlanc

Even if the Sky is Falling

I still have to get up each morning.
I still have to brush my teeth
and walk my dog and breathe
the humid summer air.
I still have to go to work
and pay my rent
and load the dishwasher.
I still have to eat
and drink and fuck.
I still have to tell people
I love them and call
my sister and weed
the garden and water the flowers.
I still have to keep
living, keep writing, keep
doing and hoping and praying.
Even if the sky is falling.
I still have to, have to, have to.

Courtney LeBlanc loves nail polish, wine, and tattoos. Her chapbook, All in the Family, is forthcoming from Bottlecap Press. Her poetry is published or forthcoming in Connections, Welter, Plum Biscuit, Pudding Magazine, The Legendary, Germ Magazine, District Lines, Slab, Wicked Banshee, The Door is a Jar, and others. Read her blog at, follow her on twitter:, or find her on facebook: