Dan Bodah

Winter in the Neighborhood

The same way gauze is wrapped around a cut,
snow drifts over the black road between us.
I spied you carrying plastic bags; you
put your recycling in the public trash
on the corner. Your dog was tied nearby,
peeing on the sprawling yews, menacing
the crosswalk. Calling 911 on me
for my party wasn’t neighborly.

But outside Peppercorn Deli, the man
who sells Christmas trees by a glowing space
heater smiles. The door sign says: no dogs.
Limp December asparagus is on sale.
I buy Winter Warmer in a white six pack;
The shy old lady hands some bright coins back.

Dan Bodah's chapbook Eyes & Roots was published by Many Moons Press in 2014. His work has also appeared in The Heron's Nest, Blueline, Adirondac, The Lost and Found Times, texture, Fuel, and other magazines. Dan hosts the radio show Vocal Fry at renowned radio station WFMU (wfmu.org) and organizes the quarterly WFMU Literary Guild reading series in New York City. Originally from the Adirondacks, Dan is an attorney and doctoral student who now lives with his partner and two children in a Brooklyn home surrounded by a Norway maple, a pin oak, and an overgrown ailanthus.