Tianna G. Hansen

Medusa masturbating 

submerged in sultry waters
breasts obscured by bubbles
floating candles, flickering light
of flame dancing across tiles
fondle moistness between thighs
hypnotized by jolts of pleasure 
passion long hidden, now unleashed
like a sea monster rising up from the 
bath waters, shimmering flesh of diamonds
rearing its regal head and capturing your 
desires in one hot gulp, pointed teeth 
steam breath on your neck, hardening nipples
clench your cunt and rise up, rise — exalt in
your solitary powers. your womanhood & 
strength. a head of wild hair hissing tongues 
of snakes, a single glance 
will turn a man 
to stone.

Tianna G. Hansen has been writing her whole life, with poetry as her first love. Her debut poetry collection Undone, Still Whole is coming with APEP Publications at the end of May. Her second poetry collection, A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony, is a poetic opera/dark fantasy collaboration with two other poets, Justin Karcher and Kristin Garth, forthcoming in June 2019 (Rhythm & Bones Press) where she takes on the role of The Firebird. Find more of her published work at CreativeTianna.com, check out the small press / lit mag she founded and manages at rhythmnbone.com, find her on Twitter @tiannag92 / IG @tgghansen24 / FB @tiannaghansen.