Seyed Morteza Hamidzadeh


You prefer fleeing to staying
When your generation gets killed
You laugh insanely and in isolation
Laugh many times over...

The debris of migrants are close to you
And only,
With your rucksack on your back, you laugh
And you don’t know
What way they will divert their path to?
Newborn in the lap of a woman,
A child handed down from a start till an end
And you laugh without regard
For you get volleyed from the height to the ground...

All your forces
Get exhausted from you laughing incessantly
A few lament and
Burn their hearts over their dead
And you kiss the foreheads of their dead
And often
Sacrifice your smile for them... 


Slapping of children continues
No one is busy with playing
No one is going to pamper you
Your brother passes by the corner and
You are the only sister whose
Lap he needs for comfort...

Before going away from all imaginative fables
Your heartbeats after anything
Mother, father;

And your brother gags mouth with a cloth and
Drinking water without draught, moves away from you
You derive comfort from cement blocks
And air raids
Would take you far-off where...

Remember the powers of pools,
From this side of dizziness
Cage inside cage, he shouts more strongly
Rusted bars of the door
Moisture above its kinds
And night passes the half
City screams more clearly than before! 

You, To Me

We ought to give all artificial breathing
Mouth to mouth
And from a corner you look for me
Undoubtedly you shall see me
Undoubtedly you to me
You have got sky, soil and field
On that side of dispute of body and soul
The silence of sleepy glance
He has seen aforetime the completeness that
We have allied for occupation
For your desert degrades several times
Your bones beckoned the thirsty
And a dead body under the sun
Decomposed and its wreckage
Has been distributed for the division of chores! 

Seyed Morteza Hamidzadeh (b. 1991) is an Iranian poet from Mashhad, Iran. His poetry can be found in magazines all around the world such as the WAF Anthology, eFiction, Zouch, Vivimus, Five Poetry, Maudlin House, and the Literati Quarterly. His book, Exile Me, was published by Maudlin House Press.