Polina Riabova


Used to see silhouettes of your face

I’d stand stock still & let my eyes follow
The random chance passerby
On a busy or a quiet street

Everyone said, “You’re obsessed.”
I thought, “Duh!“
To obliterate
Had been the whole point

When I finally caught up –
"This is too normal.”
“He’s just like everyone else, and this
Is just like all those other things too.”

I miss

The black hole to the galaxy
The butterfly to nectar
Those silhouettes receding

further out of sight. 

Polina Riabova is a Russian/American hybrid, a college dropout, and she tweets like there is no tomorrow. She spent the first 8 years of her life in a suburb outside of Moscow, then her family relocated to New England and when she was 21, she moved to New York where she currently makes money waiting tables. Up until now, Polina has remained unpublished.