C. M. Keehl

Instructions to Learn Past

without heaving
anchor emojis
i am losing ability to associate;
sea creature from foreign mass living
limb-less/ a natural adaptation &
collapsible rib/ cages
i find to lock myself away
in every state i learn
habituals, these rituals
adjectives devoid of air.

To revert back I must turn back
my halite/ hard
unlock the part
I learned example watched
settle the salinity into sea, live

life in assimilation, in
water/ yes              I am negative,
a charge causing curve, throwing
the light down deep
but not enough violet to bring
it back up

but I am not done trying
to refract point
when tsunami/ a wave
is a wave is a particle
but still itself past participle/ partial
to what created it. 

C.M. Keehl's poems appear in or are forthcoming in Alien Mouth, Cosmonauts Avenue, Unbroken, Reality Beach, Pigeon Holes, Electric Cereal, & elsewhere. She is the poetry editor at Dirty Chai. She lives in Grand Rapids with her dog & drinks way too much coffee. Find her @CMKeehl.