Matt Mitchell

[i haven’t been to west virginia since my grandfather died]

i haven’t been to west virginia  since my grandfather died
            next time i go   i want to stand atop dorsey’s knob       
holding hands with weyes blood
                              across from mountaineer mall        
after we’ve come up with 
                                              a new word for            
           i’ll settle for a pair    
       of hands      gentle 
               as the hospice nurse thumbing the iv      
       clockwise under                       
        the skin of 
       my grandfather’s hand
            the last thing i remember        
                        hearing him say was         
                                     my arms hurt son
in a drawl floundered 
            by morphine             
                        & now my elbows crack 
       when i extend mine out to heaven 

Matt Mitchell is an intersex Northeast Ohio writer trying to make his work as beautiful as Ken Griffey Jr.’s swing. He’d love to meet up at your local coffee shop (not Starbucks, because the aforementioned poet’s partner’s family owns a coffee shop and the aforementioned poet refuses to cross enemy lines) and talk about how the Thompson Twins’ “Hold Me Now” is the quintessential pop banger. His chapbook, you & me & the pink moon & these portraits, is forthcoming from Ghost City Press.