Jill Danto

hypnotic daddy distance

google, how to burn an image into our retinas
“did you mean: how to burn an image into your retinas”
the first responder is a reddit post and the next is from forbes magazine
(note: trolls, then: money trolls)
the last is a wikipedia article about afterimage, but that wasn’t what i was looking for,
was it. i wanted to email you to see how you were doing on father’s day, since all hope
seems lost and our fathers are either here or not; and each father has a loaded history, a couple decades
more loaded than our histories; and sometimes they use their hands for healing and sometimes they use
their hands for harm; and there is no way of choosing who your father is, if we are referring to a father by
the classical definition (instead of the sexualized definition); and i want you to know that i can be a father
if you need me to be; father   
       being   a lakeside beach; the sand not 
                broken enough, instead takes the form of chunks of 
            glass, nothing lives there, and we cannot not want to walk along the shore.
there was this one day that we were walking around a car show on a cross-street with a well-gardened
meridian and you told me that you would go to car races with your father; let the lungs soak the exhaust
from each engine; to be near him; and it was loud; and i don’t remember the full story but it was
devastating in its own way and each of your stories keep transforming from tender to cruel; like a grape
being rasined; as if my dog was bitten by that wildcat near the days inn; but that never happened; and i’m
just a worrier, that’s all. xx

jill danto (b. 1998; Detroit, MI) is an interdisciplinary artist and writer. They have been published in The Moon Zine,The SEEN, and Chicago Artist Writers. They are currently studying Visual and Critical Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.