Jessalyn Johnson


Let it sink in
letting all go down the drain

Yesterday is a brush fire
holding on

Tomorrow is a grudge

Today is mourning
on the patio

Yesterday is grabbing
drinks at nine thirty

Tomorrow is bleeding

Grieve the off season for oranges
as today already knows

Leave the key under the mat
for tomorrow will soon arrive

Ready the table
so today will be groomed

An extra helping for yesterday
who is a small child

A slap for today

Tomorrow a longing sigh 
Over a clean plate

Yesterday is doing fine now
Let that sink in

Jessalyn Johnson is a writer from Central Florida currently living in Brooklyn, New York. She currently attends The New School’s MFA Creative Writing Program. Her work is featured or forthcoming in Maudlin House, Soft Cartel, and Barren Magazine, among others. Follow her on Twitter @jessalyn451 and Instagram @jessalynjohnson or visit her at