Andy N

Hardrock Village

When we were young
you used to sneak in frequently
after Mother and Dad were asleep
whispering to us who
you’d just seen from Bowie
on his alleged final tour
To Chuck Berry
and his small band
who’d arrived on stage
over an hour and a half late
only to get bottled off
within 20 minutes of starting,
Melanie who sat on
when we began went and sat on
the edge of the stage
singing requests all night long
like she was in a small village
until her voice eventually went
And the Faces whom
you laughed and laughed
at for ages afterwards
when their drummer
fainted and fell on his arse
halfway through their set. 
Each night you were there
Fever pitched
With an electric ambience
Stroked in slight sunlight
Mirrored with crowds queing
Up the road to get inside. 
Igniting your limitations of
Your own singing
With each chord blasted out
Each drum beat slightly
Out of tune
Or context

Sifting into infinity 

Burning cold glass
Over yesterday’s memories.

Author’s note: Hard Rock Village was a hard rock concert venue in Stretford in the early 1970s.

Andy N is a poet, author and ambient musician from Manchester, UK. He has published two books of poetry, Return to Kemptown and The End of Summer and is the creator of the Role Reversal and The Barbarians of the Wall series. His website is: