Jeremy Mifsud

Deconstructed Anatomy

A zipper hangs
between my collar bones.
I pull it down
to my pelvis.

The flesh falls out.
Organs deflated—
            paper thin,
lying on the floor:

My knees shiver,

My mother will complain
about how tough it is
to remove blood from rugs,
but perhaps she’ll understand:
            I’ve never had a beating heart.

Maltese-born Jeremy Mifsud is a queer, autistic writer and poet, currently reading for a Masters in Cognitive Science at the University of Malta. Social ineptitude becomes a catalyst for his art as he weaves unsaid words into poems and short fiction. He has self-published a full-length collection Welcome to the Sombre Days (2018). More of his poetry and fiction appears or is forthcoming in Please Hear What I'm Not Saying (2018), Lucent DreamingConstellate and others.