Adedayo Agarau

ghost city, black waters

the photo booth is also a town of memory     the dead

& the not so dead        their still voices lurking in monochrome 

turquoise blue             yellowish brown dreams         while we sleep            i             

dream of a woman trapping my body a bottle            my voice soared like an eagle

escaping a storm         but the toad in my throat is big           this morning

i wake into dusk          my father’s brother leaves his slippers by the door    & my

mother throws herself against the terrazzo                 there is a poignant truth in

heavy sighs     i count twenty-three stars falling down my father’s mouth   

& the wall holds the dead man tightly            my father held together by the bond

of blood & water         drops a tear                 my father cries                        my father 

wipes my uncle with his handkerchief  

Adedayo Agarau is a student and poet hoping to make the world a little better with his words and photography. He has works up at Barren MagazineGeometry and 8poems. He is the author of For Boys Who Went. His manuscript "Asylum Chapel," is coming to light for publication and looking for a good home. Please connect with him on twitter @adedayoagarau and on Instagram @wallsofibadan, where he documents the beauty and pain of his Nigerian city home.