TC Kody

lunch poem, 2:29am

I often think of Frank O'Hara
and I have no idea why.

I'm not much of a poet anymore.

I just stare at the blank page,
afraid to dirty it.

I listen to the radio at midnight
and sing along to the news.

I watch my friends crying
and hope they'll give me some scraps
of their leftover suffering to help them eat.

I sit in the moon
and wonder at the marvelous-
ness of body.

I clean the pint glasses
and dream.

TC Kody lives in Orlando. Their work has been published in Dream Pop, Voicemail Poems, Button Poetry, Rising Phoenix Review, and many others. They have yelled and yawped all over the United States. A Best of the Net Nominee, TC won the first Poetry Slam Incorporated Online Slam and is the uneditor of Rejected Lit. Yes, they would like a hug.