Leslie Dianne

For the 112 Chibook Schoolgirls Still Missing: #Bring Back Our Girls

Those men from 
the boku haram 
who stole the 
girls think that 
when they are done
splitting them into
who they were and 
the women they were
not ready to become 
that those lost girls 
would dance for them
They will not
raise their arms  
except to imagine 
peering through a scope
They will not jump 
up and down
except to shake loose the pain 
beaten into them 
They will not twirl around 
except to practice 
swinging the knife
that they will steal 
They will not 
cry until the rock that 
they hide hits it target 
and blood
drenches their land
They will not dig seeds 
into the soil
where the blood stains 
Nothing will grow in that place
It will be sacred nonetheless
There women will gather and 
the spirit of those men 
will look up from
deep below and see 
thousands remembering
and denouncing their crimes 
They will follow the stomping
turning dipping and twisting  
of the women 
as they kick up dust
their limbs wild with grace
 and abandon
as those captured children
now women, perform
dances of freedom

Leslie Dianne is a poet, novelist, screenwriter, playwright and performer whose work has been acclaimed internationally in places such as the Harrogate Fringe Festival in Great Britain, The International Arts Festival in Tuscany, Italy and at La Mama, ETC in New York City. Her stage plays have been produced in NYC at The American Theater of Actors, The Raw Space, The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater and The Lamb's Theater.  Her poems have appeared or currently appear in Night Picnic Press, About Place Journal, Passaic / VöluspáThe Moon Magazine and The Lake and are forthcoming in Medusa’s Laugh Press and Hawai’i Review.