Nooks Krannie

pigs > humans

the state of crisis for
my well being is a serious

lack of hot potatoes
bursting in the microwave

when you mix buttermilk
with store bought pea soup
you get sad clouds

sadder than me
and on most days
that is a fucking achievement

the pulp inside my eyes
is hardening to fight
this serious crisis

in a ring of plastic tinder sparks
with ultra padded knee plates

i will see boys
inside myself

counting till 10 and a hundred
and letting the

ceiling fan judge
my life choices

you don’t get to get over
your inner pig
or other ugly animals

as determined by humans
lower than themselves

and i can’t help but laugh
because animals fuck

from the behind

and we are no different.

ikea faces

i’m going to ikea
the sky is keeping secrets

like a sugar free
candy bar
stuck to its organic
wrapper it’s perishable

when chewed right
i’m also perishable

and i have been chewed
multiple times
in showers mostly

the first time was in Hanoi
for spring break

and i just wanted to drown
in grass and wheat

boiled in steel pots

there was no bath tub
so i let go of the idea

and you let go of my hand
it’s important
for teeth marks

to make first impressions
right and equal
on every part of the body

gums showing loudly

measuring girth for penis luck
screaming bodies fucking
in school contests

in every country
i look around

at every face in ikea

and watch eyes unite
and cliques form

on every forehead

measuring girth as faulty reflexes
i blame the teachers

fingers rummaging the rough leather
you can use stove top fires
to burn of maps
and skin

it’s ironic how i feel at home
walking in ikea
with faces

holding hands i will
never hold

it’s human nature sometimes
to try

99% of people fornicate better
on ikea beds.

closed gate community

i’m counting rice in muscles
i’m feeling a tumor feeling me.
i own one chair in our apartment
it is filled with sweat
and underwear that’s been washed too long
in the community washing machine.
we pay for drying our heads
we give head as a form of apology
and birthday presents
because we live in communities
houses with the same parents.
we share barbq chicken hearts
and laugh
we invented fire we think
and then it burns us.
i won’t share my rice
i will eat it directly from the bag
earth is for sale in our mouth
earth is selling doubts in our mouth.
hearts and muscles are often
mixed together
till they become nothing but curry
so we can feel less bad
and more like bats
hanging, chilling.
can you stop staring at me?
my pimples hurt even
before i created them.

Nooks Krannie is a girl and poet. She is half Persian/half Palestinian and full human. Her first chapbook 'I have hard feelings & I wish I could quit chocolate' was published by Moloko House Press in 2016 and her second chapbook 'candied pussy' is forthcoming from Thistlemilk Press. She tumbls at and instagrams @nookskrannie.