Katie Lewington

Orgasms for All

comes quicker, suffocating
under the duvet cover
upstairs a bed bangs
against the wall
was that a breeze, chill
no, those two
fucking in their bed
unwantingly thinking -
you on top or is she

block my ears but
you're loud enough to wake
the neighbourhood

as it quietens
then the noise reaches a crescendo

finally, are you finished

i am in my bed alone
while those two lucky fuckers
are upstairs
in bed.


i am not a great communicator
remain silent
this is safer
walk further

drunk though

i'll knock your nose off

this is not an answer
of all
internal agonies.

Trying to Title your Poem Counts as Procrastination

finger clicking
clit picking
phut of keyboard keys mellowing
my fingers dancing
as if Tom Hanks on the giant board in Big
we have to mention these names
through literature
to keep them alive and well
incubating comment causing babies
even my predictive text has no idea
what i am trying to say
i am un understandable
no fall stop can stop me.

Katie Lewington wrote her first poem aged 16. Even though, after analysing a poem for her hellish English GCSE, she vowed she would have nothing more to do with poetry. She has now published a number of books on Amazon.com and Payhip.com. She is passionate about helping independent authors find the best audience for their work and likes to listen to music, daydream, watch Cary Grant films, sniff 50 year old poetry tomes, and blog. Her creative writing, and reviews, can be read at https://katiecreativewriterblog.wordpress.com.