Felix Lecocq


Ladies and gentlemen and distinguished guests,
I am honoured  nay   Delighted
                 to announce that I am
                                                               Back On My Bullshit
                                                                                     (by which i mean my antidepressants)
by which I mean
I left my mental illness in the discount halloween candy aisle of a CVS like a bad father
and I Feel Great
                         i feel great
                                               i feel gggrrrreAT
I am the only person under thirty with my phone off silent
                                                                 I am delighted
                                                                     to announce my decision
                         to keep being
                         keep breathing
                         keep the feeling
                          BY WHICH I MEAN
Happiness was born under a heat lamp at the 47th street red line station
Lake Shore Drive cracked me open like a walnut 
I never knew what my insides felt like before
We all come from a somewhere in the middle of a nowhere
We all sit at a window and wait for rain sometimes like it’s a taxicab that will take us 
                                                                     somewhere else and
It’s okay!
to plagiarise a seven page paper as long as you send a thank you note
honestly? the best meal you can cook for yourself is 
white wine poured into half a hollowed out cantaloupe
I should really have my own show on the Food Network by now
                                                                                                                             BY WHICH I MEAN
Do you ever FEEL
like you are an investigative reporter of Good Things?  
    to find every Moment   Comma   Good 
and file it away with all the other 
                                      Moments  Comma   Miscellaneous
in a manila envelope 
for a Cosmic Career Bureaucrat 
in her Galactic Glittering Pantsuit
to read at her desk  and annotate   and maybe smile
                                                                                               BY WHICH I MEAN

The universe wakes me up because it needs ME to be listening
                                                                                                                (at five o’clock in the morning)
I am the Watchdog For The World
                                                and I am DELIGHTED
                                                to announce that it’s doing great.

Felix Lecocq is an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago, studying English Language/Literature and Creative Writing. His poems have been published by 3Elements Reviewyell/shout/scream, and the Young Chicago Authors' Queeriosity Zine, and his journalism has been published by Teen Vogue and Londnr Magazine.