Eva Griffin

NY, U?

all bruised
giddy on a rooftop
a photo of you cooking
shining pink by the barbecue
meat spitting
and your skin sings back
licks its lips
wipes tender ribs from your glasses
your own crack laughing
at a joke I can't hear

is it true you have other friends?
their names are new to me
I read them once
and then again
over and over until I thought they were mine too

in a dream we are all ripping meat from bone
throwing dead off the roof
waiting for the slap of flesh on concrete
and each fall is another face I found online

that contact
I can smell in your hair
all these other fingers through it
each strand I worked hard for
thought I'd wear around my neck
thought I'd hang from it
dangle like fresh
glistening sweat punching bag
from a building I'll never see

Eva Griffin is a poet living in Dublin and a UCD graduate. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Tales From the Forest, All the Sins, ImageOut Write, Three Fates, This Is Not Where I Belong*, and The Ogham Stone. She is the former Visual Arts editor for HeadStuff.org.