Robert Balun

Astral Projection

it never seems
to be 




it’s easy to disappear

here or there


I don’t remember



I eat the dream


the luster of future


years shimmer





the light is so different here




I never seem to be


who I say I am



a vibrational absence



molten time

seeping from

each being



in the house made of dawn


stormed dusk




in the refracted skyline


a name




into history



            inside the paint is peeling

            you can still hear the music

            the sun



what will the legacy be

when it is excavated



what are the prayers




in the sovereign ego





in the metaphysical scandal of capital





the last of the plans






was that you


was that me



reaching out into the static




into the live-in deserts



the face gets blurry





in the aeonic



the future is an exoplanetary



you fragment into you



slip through your fingers like flowers


a song dissolved in the dawn


in all of our heaviness



forgetting we
are made of light



ancient and full of magic




I went out again


past the umber decades

scattered in atmosphere



to find possible tomorrows



searching for bright




until everyone is a piece of everything

Robert Balun is an adjunct at The City College of New York, where he teaches creative writing and composition. His poems have recently appeared in TAGVVERK, Tammy, Prelude, Barrow Street, Poor Claudia, Apogee, Cosmonauts Avenue, and others.