J.B. Stone

The Night I Saw Matt and Kim Live and Felt Reborn in the Limelight

the lights gleamed like the biblical spotlight of heavenly clouds
maybe it was the whisk of melody
the rhythm of the night
how a day’s worth of seeing other bands rock the same stage
kept me full of energy 

not drained of it

the stage opened up like a neon prism pavilion
anthems about happy kids
trying to find hope
on a dying planet 

forged from a force of electric movement

symphonic serenades
& synth-pop circle pits 

drum-beat break sessions
& crowd surfer wipeouts 

with tears running down my cheekbone
I hugged my friend Danielle 

after such a bittersweet year
depression trigger after depression trigger 

I was alive for what felt
like the first time in a long time 

music is incredible like that I guess
the ability to accomplish 

what ten years of
prescribed anti-depressants couldn’t

J.B. Stone is an emerging poet/fiction writer from Brooklyn, now residing in Buffalo. He has poetry, prose and flash fiction featured in Peach Mag, OcculumCadaverous MagAnti-Heroin ChicRiggwelter PressCrack the Spine and several other publications. He also has a micro-chapbook out, A Place Between Expired Dreams and Renewed Nightmares (Ghost City Press, 2018).