Nicky Tee


Cornucopia is the equivalent
To menagerie, a variety
Of animals, a menagerie
Of animals 

But I can imagine a menagerie
Of furniture too, a beautiful
Excess of anything

You would say what
A curious menagerie of
to express
That it looks cool

And that furniture,
As furniture does, appears
As a bunch of strange
Animals roaming about
The room

I was actually thinking
Of myriade, like the
Myriade of décor in
Our egos

But myriade is
for abstract ideas

Nicky Tee’s poems have appeared in BAD NUDES Issue 2.3 and its 3.2 print, Soliloquies Anthology 21.2, it’s 22.2 print, and Half a Grapefruit Magazine in Toronto. His poems are all expressed by the voice, the imagination, and the emotions of inanimate objects and elements of the future.