Kayleigh Campbell

He has a secret

A woodlouse is dying in the sink.
Faded, familiar bathtub
shivers around his shaking body.
Wired mind, bloodshot eyes
stare blankly at the mouldy ceiling.
A rusting razor blade shimmers
in bright bathroom light,
Mum will be fine, she’s got the dog.
A picture hangs in the hallway,
tinted from the sun; snapshot innocence, 
his childhood in Spanish Suburbs. 
The woodlouse has stopped struggling.
He presses his naked body
against the window, watching
flashes of blue.


Kayleigh Campbell has almost completed her MA in Poetry at The University of Huddersfield. She has been published in Independent Leeds Magazine and has poems due to be featured in Former Cactus Press and Riggwelter Press. She will be volunteering at Stand Magazine in July.