Sage Enderton

10 summer thoughts

  1. this is the summer i realized some part of you makes up my heartbeat.

  2. we sit and drink french press coffee in the middle of the forest for months and we never have to worry about straining it twice to remove the grounds from our teeth.

  3. i was made to rebel against my father, drowning in rose petal oceans between phases of the moon. i realize this while standing in the virginia water.

  4. one day i will wake up to the sun in that wood cabin everyday, swimming over you in an attempt to convince your freckles to emerge.

  5. i sleep in the heat like a withering dog- the way they always made me feel.

  6. when i feel like tearing out my hair i take the flowers i’ve dried and crush them up.

  7. i am pursuing the tail light of some old pickup truck like she’s tied up in the hatchback. she’s not even there, but it feels like every other nightmare.

  8. i am a 1 in 20,000 chance- or mistake, depending on my mood.

  9. those feelings fade away any time i watch the sun rise or set. always remember that every day you can be born again, and again, and again, and again.

  10. live in the warmth that this earth gives us. i want to take every feeling i’ve ever had and pull it out by the root, and plant it in the middle of the picnic field i’ve never had a picnic in.

Sage Enderton is a queer poet from Buffalo, NY who is approaching her senior year of high school. Her poetry and prose have been featured in publications like Pass/Fail, Wordplay, My Next Heart: The Buffalo Anthology, and Peach Magazine. Sage also creates self-produced zines in her free time and serves as a Youth Ambassador for the Just Buffalo Literary Center.