Joel’s Family and Friends

When We Were Eating Sandwiches and Those Drunk Girls Asked Us if We Were in Love

a true lost boy on an adventure of a lifetime
slow, wide turns, second star on the right
and straight on ‘til morning

a hot blooded italian & a strong willed irishman
the trance man of the LA Lands
thank you for being there
at my worst nightmare

i'm sorry i was a bad wingman,
but so were you, you nut
you were my best friend
you were a lot of people's
best friend

you loved me
as much as I loved you
and that's cool. Love is not
a big enough word. "Some game, huh?
Some game."
My God.

when we were eating sandwiches
and those drunk girls asked us
if we were in love.
I said:

one of a kind. always
there, even when you weren’t

you are probably the most similar person
to me in all my life
when a plug meets an outlet,
it creates a spark

hwhat, hwhat?

"that's my cigar!—you'll steal another"
"goddamn it, stu! is everything in here crocheted?"
"don't worry, guy. you'll be getting one-a-dem
bear of charge."
you said you were staying 5 minutes away
I was lost in corn land until 6am

you lightened up everyone's
darkest thoughts. the affect you've
had on my life, I would never think twice.
the space between us is too much
you are my luck
a day won't go by
that I don't think about you

ace of hearts
best friends don't tell
the most genuine soul
your goofy ass smirk
that could make anyone smile

i think it was your eyes
like home's front window through
which we could see a fire tended well
enough for us all to come and sit
take a load off, be happy
if only for a while
yeah, i think
it was your eyes

family above all

- for Joel