Drew Pisarra

Germany in Autumn

You don’t want to talk politics.
You  just  want  to  get  in  bed
where   the   politics   will   play   out
in    weird    role-playing    games
that     will     land     me     in     some     blue     state
where      the      bliss      floats      near      the      ceiling
somewhat       out       of       reach       but
visible        to        the        naked        eye
gazing         from         my         naked         body
struggling          with          a          naked          truth
that           you’re           not           good           for           me

As one half of the conceptual art duo Saint Flashlight, Drew Pisarra activates poetry in public spaces including the takeover of a Brooklyn movie marquee with film-themed haiku in 2017 and the dissemination of "lost poems" first at the O, Miami Poetry Festival then DC's Capturing Fire summit/slam in 2018. Additionally, Publick Spanking, a collection of his short fiction, was published by Future Tense.