Amy McClure


Ted Bundy’s long term girlfriend
Said he was a nice guy
You sang The Beatles to me as we laid on
a mattress on the floor
of our one bedroom apartment
We could barely afford
I was the peak of the mountain of love for you,
I thought. 

You hated me long enough
that it finally became mutual
Our love was a ship that traveled us between
Oceans and time
I’ve been blocked from your life so long
I forgot how gray your eyes were
Or the worry I’ve felt for you every second,
Since you left.  

In the heat of the summer,
I am reminded that our love sunk like a ship.
That ship sunk with such force that it,
drowned all lives that surrounded it.
Holes punctured to the core,
Crashing water filled each crevice.
We are very similar,
We both struggled with forgiveness,
and reality.
Ted Bundy struggled with those too.

Amy McClure is a Vermont based poet. Her writing focuses on humor and the weird things that happen in her semi-boring day-to-day office life. Some of her work can be seen published by The DailyUV.