Murray Mueller

In Heat

why do I all the sudden feel buxom? & blonde?
my tits burst out this shirt
& enrapture the populace

my sexuality’s on the loose
my puss drips in the wind

I'm a:
boi who cant keep track of their tits
grrl whose dick’s been lost in time

i wanna cut my tits off  
& hoist them above
one of my many fireplaces

point & say, “this is my body, rejoice & be glad”
look to my east tit & blow a kiss
look to my west tit & say, “RIP”

say: it’s been fun!
see you never, knockers! 
hope they don’t come back. phantom like , merleau ponty like

& my fruit bat lover tugs at my sleeve
massages the spare air
where the nips once were

we  can’t  wait
we’re in heat

Christening myself with a name someday

what do i rename myself
on this unblustery day

the air is like really still
& thick & clogging my pores

its like, you know, waiting
wanting to hear my name!

im not ready! (i whisper loud)
give me some time to wander!

for now don't call me anything
call me the scientific symbol for a comet

i’m an orb of light, that gets pushed around by the wind
sometimes i stop to take pics 

at night, i forget to turn the light off
at night, i glow so dreams can find me

i collect them & burp them out every morning
i examine them, turn them over, then set them free

sometimes I sift through the remains to look for a name
but its really mostly just ashes & soot

my name isn't under rocks with squiggly bugs
Nor is it crystalized in amber on some tree

i checked those places already..
no.. my name is probably somewhere i cant go

like inside magma, inside a black hole, inside time itself
like can a genderless wretch catch a break???

imagine this orb knocking on a magma door
like you'd think cause we’re cousins they’d open it

but i doubt they’d keep my name hostage
magma is known to keep to themselves, quietly bubbling & waiting to evolve

ugh, I guess i’ll just sit on this grassy knoll
unnamed & unknown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Murray Mueller (they/them/theirs) is just your friendly, everyday, neighborhood genderless wretch.