Eliza Gearty


Everybody’s little dramas
How much a perspective
Can change
In a single afternoon
A change of the weather, waking up at
Instead of noon
A sudden irritation
An Irish senator shot and killed on
the steps of a bloody house
In my dream
The girl’s heart is crushed and squeezed
out through her mouth
and packed away
A girl is such a lovely thing
I love that no-one in my generation cares about gender anymore
Imagine a world in which no one is scared of getting sick
The cures have all
already come
Imagine our strength and our despair
The worst kind
Imagine women in some town on a motorway not giving birth to drug-addled babies
Imagine when love will really be enough
I don’t know if I’ve ever been in love
Or only been in love with someone loving me
Sometimes I worry I’m
psychotically selfish
Then I get distracted
You asked me if you should feel bad
Shopping made you feel better
“not at all” I said
Then you asked if
I cut myself
Because I wanted to feel something
“No” I told you “I only wanted to feel less ashamed
Anyway, I don’t mind that jagged line
All lines are there to mark something
A feeling, a moment, a way to go
A really
fucked up time to be honest”
I’ve never been one for writing poetry
It always made me feel self-conscious
I said
“If you want to feel, go on Facebook
Message that guy we met
In Oceania in Brighton in 2012
Ask him if he still
Wants to fuck you till you die
or if he’s okay now
If it was a rough time
Post an ad on Craigslist
Go up to that boy in Broadcast
And ask him if he wants a threesome”
Now we’re laughing
“Hey there’s no easy way to say this
You, would you -”
Drink a fucking Fanta, watch a famous family
fuck each-other over
on TV
just don’t
hurt yourself for god’s sake
And stop being so dramatic
Always so dramatic
Hurtling through towns and years and my life like that
saying things like that, doing things
Like that
After you went, I took your dream-catcher down
I wanted to


Eliza Gearty is a young writer who grew up in London and is now living in Glasgow, Scotland. She has been published in Peach Mag.