Sara Matson


bowlegged nymph crazies 
a flurry of
(darkness is murder)
the actual nascency of Other
thoughts trip                i love sprinkling pencils
                                    like a beautiful reptilian pagan
(all those candlewax eyes!)
she       that spectator sip
but afternoon desperation says warmth
ensanguine (to resemble trembling)
((or at least a subordinating shrink))
seven thousand harpsichords roamed the hills
miserable for loss 
she bled trees (a velvet wrong)
dressed in veils like a blameless creature, 
she       the ivory aunt twinkling 
(unwooed) an 
uninvited guest
cast the black sequined
handkerchief doomed to
blot gummy waste
juicy w/

Sara Matson’s poems can be found in The Journal Petra, DATABLEED, Theta Wave, Dying Dahlia Review, Vagabond City Poetry, Déraciné Magazine, Mannequin Haus, Soft Cartel, Dream Pop Press, and elsewhere. Her pamphlet, Forgotten: Women in Science is available from Damaged Goods Press. Sara lives in Chicago with her rad husband + cats, and Tweets as @skeletorwrites.