Robin Lee Jordan

A Blessing: Morning 4

Today my boss will leave 
a 6 pack of beer on my 
porch, and also his salary. 
Landlord will let me turn 
on the fireplace even though
it is a fire hazard and the first 
thing I’ll burn is the lease 
because no one cares, Brian, 
that technically you could be 
charging us more, that you 
just gave us that initial rate 
because it was the middle 
of winter and we were white 
and you were in a hurry to take 
your kids to Disney World 
for the 3rd time that year. 
Today I won’t smile at 
a single person that chokes 
women and my stomach 
will blush with new roses.
Tonight the brakes
on my bike will finally 
let go and I’ll ride straight 
into the most expensive 
part of the most expensive 
cemetery spitting thorns 
for my father into the eyes 
of each mourner of which 
there will be few.

Robin Lee Jordan is the coordinator of the Just Buffalo Writing Center and started the coin-operated, micro-art exchange (B)uffalo (A)rt (D)ispensary. She received her MFA in Poetry from Oregon State University and her poetry/lyric prose has been published or is forthcoming in journals/anthologies such as DreginaldDream PopReality Beach, alice blue reviewPuerto del SolPaper DartsMy Next Heart: New Buffalo Poetry (Blazevox), and Us Too: An Anthology of Withdrawn Poetry (Peach Mag).