Kiley Lee

Looney Birds Blooming

It’s a full moon tomorrow night
The tall horse is loose again
and get those baby dolls off the roof
They do match the red nicely

Yes, 7 o’clock is pill time
They complete the pm
Did you see that mouse?
Right there! Just now!
I’m telling you...

How are your animals?
She remembers me
What are their names?
She doesn’t remember
“It’s okay. They’re fine.”

I remember when she made swans of 2’s
and when she told me about painting
designs on headboards in a factory

They paid good for steady hands

I remember the song she made for me
Talking animals, apple trees, laughing
all day — I wrote it all down

Do you still remember our song?
She smiles and winks
“Of course I do.”

And we sing

Kiley Lee is an artist and writer from Almost Heaven, West Virginia. Her poems have appeared inAnti-Heroin ChicGhost City ReviewMarias at Sampaguitas, and Mojave Heart Review. She also has work forthcoming at Animal Heart Press and is currently working on her first chapbook. Follow her on Twitter: @KBogart10 or on Instagram: @kileylee.writing.