Hannah Feinberg

she was like six date pits total

her eyes
like two date pits
her lips
like two greasy date pits
her hands
also like two date pits in a number of ways

how much spit is any of us

some days it’s been panting hot
and i am like a lime left in the fridge for three months (cross-section)
or a small desert island
with two Far Side characters on it

i run until my legs say “no way, jose”
and then i sit down [thud] in the grass (thud)
and check if i am a missed connection
or a punk’d mark,
for crying out loud!

i love you so much i look at you n see a glistening rotisserie chicken when i am hungry

i say ::

‘ a honest good kiss is one where you ask:
“forgetting something?”

and then they honest to goodness
kiss you
right smackdab on your fucking forehead’

i googled nocturia and thought of the first fifteen minutes of “buffalo ’66”

the best time of day to have to piss a lot is nighttime
this is because a)
it is quiet b)
outside, it is cool c)
if it is inside there is a shaved almond of light from the bathroom door

and there might be a spider in toilet you never know

and it is like a soft yawn to have piss in you now but soon after to not

but what is bad is that now —
when there are other people in the same house
or, in the same room
as where you have to piss real bad @nighttime —
you might wake them every time you have to piss
and then you will be awake (to piss)
and they will be awake (to hear you piss) too
it is tempting to piss the bed to not wake them !

if you could fly to the fingernail of light outside the bathroom door
if you could float w o angering the creaky boards on the old wood floor that the landlord won’t fix
(maybe if your whole body wasn’t pregnant w piss)

and then piss until it was a fluttering balloon
and then
(the creaky boards are lava and you a quiet genius)
float backk
and then not get the mattress to shouting
and w o you tripping on your backpack on the floor
then it would be so friggin nice
to have to piss @ nighttime

to: people who also eat asparagus
our piss smells the same
night or day

Hannah Feinberg just finished at McGill. Now she is bored and scared and wants to make new things, meet new things, find new things. She wants to be a comedian when she grows up anddoesn’t like movies nor music as much as she’d thought.