Kendra Ferguson

I’m bad at poetry but also twitter here is a collection of what falls in between

I’m never moving to Los Angeles I am already chemically imbalanced enough thanks

Maybe all this stuff about millennials being total garbage is true cause I think I should be paid just for sitting here and talking to you

My mom texts me alot asking for news we both know she doesn’t want

Do I like books because they make me smarter or because they look good in a pile on my nightstand when you are fucking me?

Hobbies include google-translating romantic phrases from english to french so I feel lovely and cultured despite the fact that I can’t afford college

I don’t have any money because I spent all my money, not because someone took it from me

Do I even like the things I like or do iI like them because I like who they turn me into?

Once I tried to make a list of the things Ihave never learned but gave up cause one of those things was how to finish what I started

Sometimes I take an advil just in case something hurts and I don’t even know it yet

I don’t think my stupid expensive eye cream is working or am I just this tired: a memoir

I will fall in love with you probably but I also fall in love with sandwiches and nice fabrics 

Kendra Ferguson is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Her work can be found in Alien Mouth, her twitter @mom_solidarity, and in her many open google documents on her laptop which if you come to her house she will share with you and feed you some bread she baked. She likes cliffs and sidewalks and falling in love and laying on the floor and probably would like you if she met you.